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Year: 2018

Planting Tips

Site Preparation: If possible loosen and aerate the soil at least five times the diameter of the root ball. Planting Hole Prep:  It is extremely important not to over or under…

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Suppliers Eaton Farms Keystone Rinox Belgard General Landscaping Landscaping Design for Beginners Lawn and Garden Hometips Landscape & Structures Hometips Greenscape Tips on How to Grow Grass How to Grow…

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Installing and Maintaining a Sod Lawn

Sodding your lawn allows you to enjoy the beauty of a living turfgrass carpet instantly without the usual time-consuming hassles of seeding. Sod can be installed anytime the ground isn’t…

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Renovating or Overseeding an Existing Lawn

Renovating, or overseeding, involves revitalizing an old lawn without removing all the existing grass. Many old, thin, weed-infested home lawns are completely restored using this approach. Renovation is most successful…

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Starting a New Lawn From Seed

1. Investigate the site. Make sure the ground gently slopes (a minimum of 1%) away from your house to prevent water from entering the basement. 2. Modify the soil. If…

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