Landscape Design

If you have questions about design, layout, materials or plants, you might consider Landscapers Depot’s landscape design services. Our designer, Olga Shepelieva, has a 6 year degree in Landscape Architecture from the Ukraine, as well as 15 years of experience in landscape design, construction and estimating, giving her the ability to assess the site to best meet your design goals.  Olga does her own scheduling of design work.

While home homeowners are proficient with installation, others may require the services of a professional installer.  Landscapers Depot is able to provide detailed manufacturers installation guidelines for many of the products available.  We would also be happy to assist you with names of competent contractors to execute your design.  Please note that this is a landscape design, not a “how to” guide. We provide TWO design options:

INSPIRATION PACKAGE:   $90 flat rate

Simply send a photo and you will receive two different digitally enhanced images showing what your property could look like. Use these photos for inspiration only or continue on to the Full Design. Click HERE to see examples of the Inspiration Package.

FULL DESIGN: $90.00 per hour (3 hour minimum)


-On site meeting/interview with our designer to determine priorities, preferences and potentials for the property

-Complete measurements of the proposed design area

-Computer enhanced images of your property with the proposed landscape design

-Optional architectural plan for contractor installation

-Optional material list for the DIY customer

-50% Return benefit issued in the form of a non-transferable gift certificate that can be used towards the purchase of your materials to execute the design