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Planting Tips

Site Preparation: If possible loosen and aerate the soil at least five times the diameter of the root ball.

Planting Hole Prep:  It is extremely important not to over or under bury the plant. Find the trunk flare junction and measure to the bottom of the root ball for the hole depth. The width of the hole should be approximately three times the width of the root ball.

Setting the Plant:  Try to maintain the integrity of the root ball. Do not let it dry out. Carefully place the plant in the hole so the flare is at or 1-2” above grade. Cut away burlap and rope. If the rootball is in danger of collapse, only remove top third. Wire baskets can be removed if there is no danger of injuring the root system.

Backfilling the Hole:  Mix the backfill soil with organic soil amendment. Fill the hole half way and then water thoroughly and let it drain. When the water is drained, resume backfilling and water thoroughly again. Check to make sure trunk flare is exposed.

Mulching:  Organic mulch should be applied around newly planted material three times the root system and no more than 2-4” deep. Do not let mulch touch the bark.

Pruning:  After planting only remove broken or damaged branches. Top pruning is no longer recommended.

Watering:  Watering is a critical factor for the successful establishment of any plant. Newly planted trees or shrubs must have adequate water weekly for the entire first growing season.

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