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Frequently Asked Questions

Landscapers Depot does not offer installation services, with the exception of granite step installs, but we have many qualified contractors that we do business with. For a list of these contractors, just call us at (603) 642-6677. For granite steps installs, we requires a cement pad to be prepared before we arrive at the job site. Please ask for a sheet on the requirements of the concrete pad. We do no other installations whatsoever.

If you are looking for someone to work on a project with you, we are more then happy to help you. We have a contractor board in our main office with many contact numbers for you to look through. Please ask one of our sales associates for the best contractors in your area suited for your needs. You can also visit our contractor referral page.

Interested in the how-to of building a walkway for your home? Our sales staff can also provide you with step by step instruction, and give you a quote for all your materials.

Interested in the how-to of building a retaining wall for your home? Check our events page for the next DIY seminar. Our sales staff can also provide you with step by step instruction, and give you a quote for all your materials.

To set up a contractor account at Landscapers Depot you must come in and show a copy of a business check or business credit card, showing that you are in the landscape or masonry business. This only applies to companies in the landscape, masonry or building trade. Please contact Ashley Harris at  x205 for new contractor accounts.

Concrete pavers offer the widest range of surface finishes, colors, shapes, and sizes. They also move with the harsh freeze and thaw cycles of New England unlike poured concrete or asphalt. Landscapers Depot offers 3 brands of concrete pavers: Rinox, Pavestone & Belgard.

Extremely well. Small, high density units resist cracking as well as damage from freeze-thaw cycles and salts. Pavers are stronger than ordinary or stamped concrete and their smooth surface allows for easy snow removal.

Yes! Due to the smooth surface & resilient nature of pavers, plow trucks have no difficulty in the winter.

The pigments used to color concrete pavers are very stable and go all the way through the paver. Dirt and normal wear from traffic and weather may appear to change the color over time. Cleaning and sealing can restore and enhance the color.

No. Stone dust traps water and gets spongy, which can cause rutting and settlement. Use coarse concrete sand or washed stonedust such as Landscapers Depot’s Grits that conforms to ASTM C-33.

No. Unless the soil is extremely weak, a firmly compacted gravel footing is sufficient to support the wall and possesses the ability to accommodate natural movement of the wall.

Yes. We recommend that you save a few pavers from your initial installation, just in case you need to replace one or two.

No. It is very important that 3/4″ crushed stone, wrapped in a fabric barrier be used in order to provide proper drainage and prevent buildup of hydrostatic pressure, which can lead to wall failure. See one of our associates for stone volume calculations.

This is efflorescence, a natural formation that may appear on any concrete or masonry product. It is actually the residue of soluble salts carried to the surface by moisture — a natural by-product of the chemical reaction between cement and water. Efflorescence does not affect structural integrity and will dissipate over time. It is not indicative of a flawed product. If desired, it can be removed using specialty cleaners.

We recommend Polymeric sand which is a polymer-based sand that is engineered to harden once wet and will stay hard thereafter, and it will prevent ants and weeds from getting a foothold on your walkway or patio.

No. Settlement is often caused by inadequate soil or base compaction, or by poor drainage caused by using the wrong type of gravel. This can be easily repaired by taking up the pavers, correcting the problem in the base and reinstating the pavers.

No. Unlike rigid retaining walls, segmental landscape wall systems are flexible structures and can accommodate slight movement and even settlement without cracking or other types of distress.

Yes! With our patented truck bodies we can deliver multiple products in one delivery saving you time and money. There is just a $12 split load charge for each additional product you add to your delivery. For example, on one of our largest trucks we can fit up to 8 double stacked pallets plus 6 yards of bulk in one section and 3 yards in another section…imagine the possibilities!