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Mulch & Soil

One-Stop-Shop for Quality, Pure Bark Mulch and Premium Soil.

We take pride in these products, and we know after using them you’ll take pride in your yard!


Unlike many other suppliers we add no filler wood to our mulch such as ground pallets or stumps; all our mulches are made with 100% virgin bark products.

Did you know that filler wood mulch can be harmful to your plants?  Wood requires nitrogen to break down and decompose, this nitrogen is robbed from your plants which need nitrogen to thrive. It will also lose it’s color much faster than real mulch and will have your beds looking dull and gray in no time!

Choose one of Landscapers Depot’s varieties of mulch and enjoy your gardens & beds all year long! 


We also process all our own soils at Landscapers Depot, this way we can ensure just the perfect PH balance. We screen our topsoil through a 1/2″ screen to ensure its purity and spreadability. Our super soil is a blend of that same 1/2″ screened topsoil and our very own organic compost, making it perfect for gardens or that area in your yard you’ve been trying to grow grass in for years!


One yard will cover a 10’x10′ area (100sq ft) at 3″ deep OR just give us a call with your dimensions and our friendly staff will tell you just how much you’ll need! Need a little help with your calculations?