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Rock-Face Woodbury Granite Steps and Landings

Starting @ $176.67 – $471.24

3′ L x 13″ depth x 7″ H    $176.67

4′ L x 13″ depth x 7″ H    $235.62

5′ L x 13″ depth x 7″ H    $294.40

6′ L x 13″ depth x 7″ H    $353.33

7′ L x 13″ depth x 7″ H    $411.94

8′ L x 13″ depth x 7″ H    $407.44

Rock-Faced Woodbury Granite Steps.  Traditional Salt and Pepper, Medium Grained.

Rock-faced granite steps have a hand, stone-chiseled face on the tow long front and two short sides.  The back of the step is sawn smooth and the top has an even, thermalled-textured, slip-resistant finish.

Our granite steps are produced in Vermont quarries.

Prices are subject to change. Please call, 603-642-6677, for updated pricing. Thank you!


Stone is a product of nature and some variations will occur. Photos and descriptions pertaining to color, shape, size or any other appearances are represented as closely as possible. 

Choosing product selections in person or via samples is recommended.