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South Bay Quartzite Flagstone

$651.72 / ton

South Bay Quartzite Sand Stone.  From our New York State Adirondack stone collection.

With a range of colors and available formats, this light colored New York native stone can build any project inside or out.

Origin of material: New York Adirondacks

Color range: Lighter crème, antique white with hues of rose, amber, brown and gold.

Uses: Available in multiple forms as an irregular flagstone, wall and veneer stone.

Material weight: Flagstone – 1 ton will yield approximately 50 sq ft. Wall stone- 1 ton will yield approximately 15 cu ft.

Material size range: 2’-8’ lengths x 1’- 5’ widths. 1.5-7” thickness

Coverage area: Varies based on application.

Sold by: weight or sq. ft.

In-Stock: Yes

Prices are subject to change. Please call, 603-642-6677, for updated pricing. Thank you!


With its light color, this stone can work at the beach, near the pool or deep in the woods. A great stone to brighten a darker space and add warmth to the hearth, mantle or fireplace.


Stone is a product of nature and some variations will occur. Photos and descriptions pertaining to color, shape, size or any other appearances are represented as closely as possible. 

Choosing product selections in person or via samples is recommended.